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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré ...@nanthrax.net>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Karaf marketing
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2015 14:12:10 GMT
Hi David,

great feedback, thank you so much !

By the way, I should be in the bay the second week of December. If some 
users/devs want to share a beer and chat about Karaf, please let me know.

Thanks !

On 11/12/2015 03:03 PM, development@mobigov.com wrote:
> A big +1 to getting others in the community involved. I don't think it
> is a lack of features that scares people away or draws them to karaf but
> the lack of tooling. I chose karaf because I liked the idea of OSGI and
> the features(capability) made it the easiest to get started, deploy my
> bundles and include needed dependencies. It was this ease of use and
> ability to integrate well with maven that helped my decision. I think
> huge strides have been made by bndtools, enroute and others in the
> community on the tooling side this past year and would love to see those
> capabilities integrate with karaf as easily and seamlessly as maven
> currently does. I don't think the issue is not enough exposure. I work
> in the US government sector and almost a half billion dollars a year
> http://www.c4isrnet.com/story/military-tech/2015/02/03/enterprise-services-emerging-tech-among-budget-big-winners/22820277/
> runs on top of karaf based government open source solutions
> https://github.com/di2e/ecdr https://github.com/codice/ddf Contractors
> and others integrating with those systems have to learn karaf. I think
> if the tooling was stronger then those people would be more likely to
> take it to their other projects. I also went to an OpenDaylight hackfest
> for people who would be new to ODL
> http://www.meetup.com/Software-Defined-Networking-Group-Baltimore-Washington/events/225629519/
> and more time had to be spent explaining karaf/osgi than ODL. I love
> karaf and osgi but think rather than not emphasizing osgi to try and get
> more people, it would be better to document and improve the tooling to
> make it as painless as possible. I think that is what karaf has brought
> to me.
> My 2 cents,
>   David Daniel
> On 2015-11-12 03:35, Christian Schneider wrote:
>> The visual design looks great and quite professional. It looks more like a company
website though. So people might raise their marketing blabla shields on that optic.
>> The current main message is also too abstract and too much like typical marketing
speech. In any case the most important thing is that we need to followup marketing slogans
>> with concrete little snippets and statistics that prove them.
>> I also think we should focus more on the community aspect than the product on our
site. In my opinion this is the main difference between open source and commercial offerings.
We need to invite people to discuss and help.
>> So I think some social network integration would be really important. For example
we could show current tweets or a presentation/talk of the day. So people have some positive
feedback if they promote karaf. We could also have a community member of the day or similar.
People could add a picture and some text of how they use karaf. We could then show one of
those profiles each day.
>> 2.
>> The new style for documentation looks great. On that side we should try to make it
easier to work on the docs for non committers. So for example we could add a link on each
page to the doc source on github. So people can easily edit the doc and submit changes as
pull requests. So something like an "edit page" link like in confluence.
>> 3.
>> Meetups would be really great. I think we should also try to get some people from
Eclipse and the OSGi alliance to join us. We really need to work on converging these communities.
>> Do you already have an idea about a good place to meet?
>> Christian
>> On 12.11.2015 07:54, Jean-Baptiste Onofré wrote:
>>> Hi all, I already discussed with some of you about my plan on Karaf marketing.
I think clearly that we had a great project, a great team, a great tool, but we're not really
good in term of promotion and marketing. Especially, we have to be clear in the message and
the projects that we deliver. For instance, again, I'm sure that karaf-boot is a huge step
forward in Karaf adoption. I'm not sure that all users are aware and know the purpose of Cellar,
Cave, Decanter, and even some Karaf areas. In order to improve the Karaf marketing area, I
would like to propose the following plan: 1. More professional website I think we have to
improve both the content and the look'n feel of the website. In term of content, I think it
makes sense to not emphasize on OSGi. The fact that Karaf runs OSGi is not really interesting
for most of end users (of course, it is for advanced/power users). We have to explain that
Karaf is modern and multi-purpose container. More over, with karaf-boot, it
>   becomes
> also a bootstrapper and "run anywhere" paradigm platform. So, I started a new website,
changing the look'n feel (to give a more professional shape) and the content (changing the
marketing message): http://maven.nanthrax.net/goodies/karaf/site/ [1] I will complete the
website today (some cleanup, other pages than the home one, etc), but it already gives you
an idea. 2. New guides/documentation I'm working on the improvement in term of content of
the documentation. Especially, the dev guide will be more straight forward, providing recipes
for users. All guides will use asciidoc now. You can already see the kind of output on the
Decanter guide: http://karaf.apache.org/manual/decanter/latest-1/index.html [2] All Karaf
guides (and subprojects) will be rendered in a popup using such look'n feel. 3. Meetups I
plan to organize a Karaf Meetup beginning of 2016. I have some sponsors in mind. The purpose
is to meet most of Karaf users, devs, and enthusiasts. I will give you more detai
>    soon.
> Thoughts ? Regards JB
> Links:
> ------
> [1] http://maven.nanthrax.net/goodies/karaf/site/
> [2] http://karaf.apache.org/manual/decanter/latest-1/index.html

Jean-Baptiste Onofré
Talend - http://www.talend.com

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