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From Julian Feinauer <j.feina...@pragmaticminds.de>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Donate Winegrower as Karaf subproject, OSGi flavor with flat/single classloader runtime
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2019 11:49:46 GMT
Hi all,

so first, sorry fort he confusion (was typing on my mobile with brain already in chill-mode).
Whenever I try to start a bundle it does not work and I get that "missing whatever" exception.

In Spring I just have a set of autoconfigs and it just works.

So the question is whether "big" features are similar to that (as it works then with caps/reqs)
or if we could go even further and have a local "repository" which, e.g. caches tons of stuff
from a source (like maven central) and looks stuff up there.

Is it clearer now?


Am 30.10.19, 06:35 schrieb "Jean-Baptiste Onofré" <jb@nanthrax.net>:

    About spring "auto" like, in "pure" Karaf it's already possible using 
    caps/reqs: the resolver can find in the resources repository the 
    bundles/features providing the capability matching a requirement of your 
    bundle/feature and then install it "automatically".
    Regarding winegrower, as we use a single classloader, it's actually 
    easier as it can embed the transitive dependency. It can be done at 
    build time.
    Not sure I fully get the question either ;)
    On 29/10/2019 22:44, Romain Manni-Bucau wrote:
    > Hi Julian,
    > Not sure I fully get the question, boot autoconfig is an activator + ioc
    > integration (services to simplify) so this sounds doable but not
    > winegrowser specific - karaf as well can benefit from the
    > activation/deactivation of bundles based on a simplified api/config.
    > What it will not do is download and deploy a bundle for security reasons
    > and consistence with the flat classpath goal - the layer on top can, like
    > tomcat to tease one deployment env ;).
    > Hope it makes sense.
    > Le mar. 29 oct. 2019 à 21:43, Julian Feinauer <j.feinauer@pragmaticminds.de>
    > a écrit :
    >> Hi folks,
    >> I do not yet fully understand the implications of that so I will have a
    >> look at the code the next days.
    >> Regarding spring Boot like behavior... Would it be possible to auto deploy
    >> all missing bundles based on a library or something like spring auto
    >> configuration does?
    >> This would really make it more easy to use bundles
    >> Julian
    >> ________________________________
    >> From: Jamie G. <jamie.goodyear@gmail.com>
    >> Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 3:47:28 PM
    >> To: dev@karaf.apache.org <dev@karaf.apache.org>
    >> Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Donate Winegrower as Karaf subproject, OSGi flavor
    >> with flat/single classloader runtime
    >> +1
    >> Looks interesting, i can think of a few situations here having this as
    >> a tooling option would have been helpful.
    >> On Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 9:26 AM Patrique Legault
    >> <patriquelegault@gmail.com> wrote:
    >>> +1
    >>> I see this being very powerful as it creates a small and easily
    >>> distributable JAR that can easily be deployed to various types of
    >>> environments. I also see this being used as an OSGi CLI tool base for
    >> many
    >>> projects.
    >>> On Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 6:54 AM Francois Papon <
    >> francois.papon@openobject.fr>
    >>> wrote:
    >>>> +1
    >>>> It make sense and it could really improve the tooling around Karaf.
    >>>> regards,
    >>>> François
    >>>> fpapon@apache.org
    >>>> Le 29/10/2019 à 10:06, Jean-Baptiste Onofré a écrit :
    >>>>> Hi guys,
    >>>>> For some months now, Romain and I worked on a PoC named Winegrower.
    >>>>> Winegrower provides three modules:
    >>>>> 1. a Java runtime with OSGi programming model with a flat/single
    >>>>> classloader.
    >>>>> 2. Winegrower "Cepages" are extensions (similar to spring-boot
    >>>>> starter) that allows you to easily add flavors to your applications
    >>>>> running with Winegrower.
    >>>>> 3. Java agent to add winegrower at low level and get turnkey feature
    >>>>> like monitoring, etc.
    >>>>> We think Winegrower would be a great addition to Karaf for two
    >> reasons:
    >>>>> 1. It's a first implementation about a flat/single classloader
    >>>>> approach for OSGi. I know OSGi Alliance (and especially Ray) is
    >>>>> thinking about that.
    >>>>> 2. It's a great start to provide better tooling around OSGi and
    >> Karaf.
    >>>>> The idea is to have
    >>>>> Just to be clear, you can develop an application and test it with
    >>>>> Winegrower. Then, you can run the application using a simple JVM
    >>>>> the Winegrower Ripener or deploy in Karaf, it's up to you, depending
    >>>>> of the use case.
    >>>>> The current Winegrower codebase is there:
    >>>>> https://github.com/jbonofre/winegrower
    >>>>> You can take a look on the README and the examples.
    >>>>> We also deployed a quick website:
    >> https://jbonofre.github.io/winegrower/
    >>>>> Thoughts ?
    >>>>> Regards
    >>>>> JB & Romain
    >>> --
    >>> *Patrique Legault*

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