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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [libcloud] RunOrVeith opened a new issue #1550: Azure Blob Storage does not return Content-Encoding when blob was uploaded via stream
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2021 17:29:20 GMT

RunOrVeith opened a new issue #1550:

   ## Summary
   When uploading a blob to Azure Blob Storage that is gzip encoded using `upload_object_via_stream`
and then try to read it again, the response does not contain the `Content-Encoding: gzip`
header. It works when uploading using `upload_object`.
   ## Detailed Information
   Ubuntu 18.04, Libcloud 3.3.1, python 3.8
   **Code to Reproduce**:
   import gzip
   from import Provider, get_driver
   def create_gzipped_file():
       content = b"I am a test file with super nice content that is so interesting to read"
       encoded_bytes = gzip.compress(content)
       file = "example_gzipped_file.txt"
       with open(file, mode="wb") as f:
       return file
   account = ""  # Add a service account here
   key = ""  # Add a key here
   container_name = ""  # Add a container name here
   driver = get_driver(Provider.AZURE_BLOBS)(key=account, secret=key)
   container = driver.get_container(container_name=container_name)
   # Upload a dummy file with gzip encoding via stream
   content = b"I am a test file with super nice content that is so interesting to read"
   encoded_bytes = gzip.compress(content)
   streaming_file = "example_gzipped_file_stream_upload.txt"
       extra={"content_type": "text/plain"},
       headers={"Content-Encoding": "gzip"},
   # Upload a dummy file with gzip encoding regularly
   regular_file = create_gzipped_file()
       extra={"content_type": "text/plain"},
       headers={"Content-Encoding": "gzip"},
   # Get the headers, this is a HEAD request, but also not present in a GET request
   regular_response_headers = driver.get_object(container_name=container_name, object_name=regular_file).extra
   streaming_response_headers = driver.get_object(container_name=container_name, object_name=streaming_file).extra
   print(regular_response_headers["content_encoding"])  # gzip
   # --> content_encoding is not present (or rather defaults to None)
   As you can see, the file that was uploaded via stream does not have a valid Content-Encoding
   I looked for a possible cause, but could not really find one.
   What I found is:
   - `AzureBlobStorageDriver._commit_block` does not set any headers. This is called after
all chunks have been uploaded. However, setting the header in that request manually does not
   - The Azure documentation for both [PUT](
and [GET]( mention that
the Content-Encoding header should be returned
   - Difference in execution path for `upload_object` and `upload_object_via_stream` is a
call to `AzureBlobStorageDriver._upload_directly` for the former, and `AzureBlobStorageDriver._upload_in_chunks`
for the later
   - Similar to #1544, this might be a bug within Azure itself, but here I could not verify
it completely
   - I have not found a workaround other than just trying if it was gzip encoded if I can't
read it normally
   - Not sure if `upload_object_via_stream` uses [Append Block](
internally, but that at least does not accept the Content-Encoding header. 
   **Possible Solutions**
   - if this is a bug that can be fixed, the Content-Encoding should be present when retrieving
the blob regardless of upload method
   - If this is a limitation of streaming upload, an error (or at least a warning) should
be in place if the user supplied the `Content-Encoding` header when uploading

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