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From Scott Deboy <scott.de...@gmail.com>
Subject Java code signing cert needed
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2013 00:46:29 GMT
Now that extras is released (with a re-release imminent), it's time to
turn toward a release of Chainsaw.

Chainsaw can be ran via WebStart, which is the easiest way for people
to start the app - click a link, accept the prompt, and Chainsaw is
running.  Chainsaw's 'current' release is self-signed..a long time

Java 7U51, to be released January 14, will refuse to load code signed
by a self-signed certificate.

I requested a Java code signing certificate over two years ago via
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-3991.  It was promptly
closed, and while there was a Wiki page created, nothing has happened

I've reopened the Jira issue, but I think if Infra closes it again or
doesn't offer to help, it's probably time to escalate this.  Is Sam
Ruby still the Chair of Infra?  Should we talk to him?  Send something
to the board?

Two years is way too long to wait for Infra to be responsive...  Other
folks (OpenOffice) also require code signing but probably have more
complicated requirements.  Our Chainsaw build is simple, and Java code
signing is driven by the build.  Infra just has to define their
process for managing the certs and keys.

Let me know what you folks think the appropriate next step is.



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