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From Raymond DeCampo <rdeca...@twcny.rr.com>
Subject Re: [PATCH] SocketAppender-patch for the ObjectOutputStream.reset()-bug.
Date Tue, 06 May 2003 02:33:04 GMT
Ceki Gülcü wrote:
> Hi Joern,
> Which ObjectOutputStream-memory leak are you referring to?
> I have also looked at your next patch. I fail to understand your 
> objectives. What is the goal?

Hello Ceki,

I was looking at this code and it occurred to me that introducing a 
buffer like this would introduce some threading issues.  Then it 
occurred to me that there might be threading issues in the original 
code.  For example, I don't see how two threads might be prevented from 
calling oos.writeObject() at the same time.  Finally it occurred to me 
that it might just be that I do not see it. :)

Anyway, is there really a threading issue or is it taken care of in some 
other way?

Also, IMHO, Joern was trying to introduce more buffering to the 
SocketAppender.  However, I think that a better way to implement the 
buffering would be to chain the stream with a BufferedOutputStream or to 
use Socket.setSendBufferSize().


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