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From "Bianca" <bianc...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re:
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 14:27:12 GMT


  I'm working on a web application the uses a different
  log file for each action. On the beginning of each
  action the property file is configured to have that
  behavior. The log4j do its job well until I start a
  process in a thread mode from a link in the
  application and do an action in the web application in
  the same time. 


  When I start a process in thread mode, it uses the
  "PropertyConfigurator.configure(String)" method to
  configure a property file that has the path to the log
  file for this process, for example logFile_01.txt, and
  starts to write on the log file correctly. When I get
  back to the web application and do an other action
  like, insert, this one sets an other property file
  that has a different log file for this action, using
  the "PropertyConfigurator.configure(String)" method,
  for example logFile_02.txt. From now on, I have a
  problem: The process that is running in thread mode
  writes the log on logFile_02.txt, instead of keeps
  writing in the logFile_01.

  It seems that the
  "PropertyConfigurator.configure(String)" method
  configures the property file for all logger objects.
  How do I do to have the thread's logger object
  configured to a different properties file from the web
  application even if it configures the property file
  some other time in the web application while running
  the thread?

  Thanks in advance.
  Bianca Regato

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