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From paul womack <pwom...@papermule.co.uk>
Subject Re: log4j 1.3 alpha 8 release now available
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 11:00:16 GMT
Mark Womack wrote:
> This version contains many changes to bring it back to better 
> compatibility with log4j version 1.2.X, and more changes are planned for 
> the upcoming alpha9 release as well. Users are encouraged to test this 
> version with custom code that they have previously written for log4j 
> version 1.2.X and to report any issues to the log4j dev email list. 


In 1.2.8 I had extended PatternLayout to add 2 conversion
letters, giving me full stack dumps, and "terse" stack
dumps (instead of the always on, full stack dump
of PatternLayout).

Since the internal structure of PatterLayout
have changed, and I was using non-documented
internal classes, I have bought this on myself.
I have no complaints. But it provided good
results for coupla' years...

The overview doc for PatternLayout
speaks of facilities in PatternLayout
for adding new PatternConverters.

I would have been happy to alter my
code to use this (more official) approach.

Sadly, the facilities do not
appear to be present in the 1.3 alpha-8.

Intriguingly they were present in 1.3 alpha-1

I would (very much) like to use the documented method
for adding PatternConverter to Pattern Layout.

Any chance?


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