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From "Stuart Robertson" <stu.robert...@gmail.com>
Subject log4j features and general readyness for use
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 21:39:13 GMT
We're considering dipping our toes into log4j 1.3 waters for a not-far-off
production application, and would like to get a read on the developers'
opinion on what areas are stable for production.  I understand there are no
guarantees, we won't hold you to it, etc. etc., but still, you probably know
which areas are in flux and which are already probably how they'll look
whenever 1.3 goes live.

We'd actually be using it initially as a backward compatible replacement for
1.2 in an application where we're experiencing the dreaded deadlock issues,
which it sounds like 1.3 may help resolve.

Anyway, thanks for any input.


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