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From Chad LaVigne <chad_lavi...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: code contribution
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 17:14:45 GMT
Thanks Elias, all good ideas.  I almost changed the name to exactly what you suggested.  The
only reason I didn't was because I thought it made the init params and java doc a little more
confusing since they refer to the token bucket and how it is used. Maybe we can come up with
better names for the params too?
Elias Ross <eross@m-qube.com> wrote:
On Wed, 2006-07-05 at 09:27 -0700, Chad LaVigne wrote:
> I've attached the source code, a test class and a log4j configuration
> file that utilizes the filter. Please let me know if you have any
> questions or comments.

Just a couple of comments...

It might be nice to call it what it is used for, not how it was
implemented. I mean, "BurstFilter" or something describes what it does
a bit better.

Also, I think using "long" instead of "int" doesn't really make too much
sense. I don't see a case for over 4 billion tokens.

And I know this isn't directed at you, but it'd be nice to see something
similar to what Syslog does, which is suppresses duplicate messages,
then after some time displays a count of the number suppressed.

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