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From Ron Grabowski <rongrabow...@yahoo.com>
Subject Intersection of logging frameworks and object persistence frameworks
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2006 17:41:08 GMT
This is slightly related to the recent HibernateAppender discussion
from a few days ago. Does anyone care to share their thoughts on how
logging frameworks and object persistence frameworks are related or can
better work with each other?

I work primarily on the .NET side of things with tools like iBATIS,
NHibernate, and log4net. Instead of relying on the persistence
framework to supply a database connection to use with the
AdoNetAppender, I find myself always using a standard connection string
and relying on the AdoNetAppender to manage IDbConnection object(s) for
me (instead of NHibernate's Session for example). My thinking on this
is that I don't want to loose a logging message due to the persistence
framework failing to flush some internal buffer at the correct time.
Log4net's AdoNetAppender is much easier to setup/change than a full
persistence framework.

I usually don't consider the viewing of log messages to be an
application level task. I think its more of an infrastructure related
task (i.e. all applications log to a central database and that database
has a log viewing application). I personally would not find something
like the HibernateAppender useful because I don't need to extract log
messages out of the database. My applications' primary concern is
recording the messages as fast and reliably as possible.

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