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From "Bender Heri" <HBen...@Ergonomics.ch>
Subject Re: Enhanced FileAppender
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 15:57:08 GMT
Hi Leo

> > 3. The configured file name can be used as base when 
> building the concrete 
> > filename
> That's what KeyFileAppender does, and I think it's enought. 
> But, sure, if 
> I'd like to split the files on directories, I guess it would 
> be no use? Or 
> if we make the File name have special meaning like $X{mdc 
> values}, that 
> would be cool. Can it be done now?

I did not mean that this is a must. I thought it is up to the implementor of FileNameBuilder
what she wants to do with the configured filename. That's why I suggested to pass also the
calling appender as parameter to buildFileName().

> > 5. I like the suggestion of Patrick that a user can force 
> the file closing 
> > by a special log message at the end of a session.
> I like the MDC 'close' message way. That could be done, yes.

If I get you right: You want to close the file dependent on the presence (or absence) of a
certain MDC value? I think it's better to leave this also to the implementor of FileNameBuilder.
If he wants to work with MDC, ok. But he is still free for using any other criterias as well.


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