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From "Patrick Wyss" <Patrick.W...@mobilesolutions.ch>
Subject AW: Enhanced FileAppender
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 08:37:50 GMT
> -----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: Bender Heri [mailto:HBender@Ergonomics.ch]
> hi Wyssli

:-] sali, heri

> 1. Maybe I cited the wrong desing pattern. You probably right 
> that the strategy pattern would match cleaner (it's an 
> academic question).

excuse me for being academic :-D

to be serious again: maybe i did not understand your original post. in your answer to leo
you wrote that "my proposal is valid for all FileAppender's and its derivations". however
i tought about writing an appender ("MultiFileAppender" to take curts naming) which does call
the FileNameBuilder.
is there a possibillity to have the desired behaviour for all appenders (without having to
change them) when you use the visitor pattern (which i possibly didn't understand correctly)?

> 2. It's also a good idea to provide the method buildFileName 
> with the LoggingEvent. But the involved appender should also 
> be known (in order to get the configured filename).

yep, that's true i forgot that.

> 3. I don't understand your proposal "closeFileAfter()" 
> depending on the event. Who should call this? The appender? 
> The log4j user?

well the idea was that the appender would call it.
it would call something like:

  filename = myFileNameBuilder.buildFilename(appender, event);
  if (myFileNameBuilder.closeFileAfter(appender, event)) {

the log4j user would do a special log event if he wants to close the file (for example if
he knows that the file can be closed because the session/thread/whatever is over), e.g. a
log event containing a certain text/MDC-key etc.

> I think a configurable timeout would be the 
> way. See my response to Leo Lima some minutes ago.

yep, i too like the idea of a timeout and the diea of a maxOpenFiles (as proposed by curt).
the appender would have a list of open writters and close the ones older than timeout or the
oldest if maxOpenFiles is kicking in. i would suggest that this happens in append() and not
in a thread of its own.

best regards

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