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From "Leo Lima" <onl...@l3o.net>
Subject Re: Enhanced FileAppender
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 14:15:30 GMT
Hello Bender.

> Problem:
> A often asked issue in user list is the problem to separate log files 
> dependent on different criterias, like a client-ID in a server 
> environment, a mandant- or task-ID in scheduler applications, etc. 
> Although it is possible to achieve this with the existing log4j framework 
> all possible solutions are quite complex  or have other drawbacks (own 
> repository selector, working with different classloaders, subclass 
> concrete descendents of FileAppender).

I used a KeyFileAppender I found for that porpouse. Take a look: 
I've been using it for months now.

> Solution:
> The FileAppender is supplied with a property of type FileNameBuilder 
> (Design pattern: visitor). The user-supplied implementation of this 
> Interface can build a filename based on whatever criterias (i.e. MDC, 
> global Environment, etc.). The visitor is called each time a Fileappender 
> wants to append a log message. The FileAppender holds a collection of file 
> writers for each separate file name delivered by FileNameBuilder.
> To avoid the excess of open file handles the FileAppender could watch the 
> logging activity to one particular file. If the file was not accessed 
> after let's say one hour it could be closed (this timeout could also be 
> configurable). Special care must be done if the property "append" of the 
> FileAppender is false. If the file was closed because the above timeout 
> had elapsed and then reopened later again, the file shouldn't be 
> overridden.

That's the problem I faced now that I handle over a thousand file creations 
a day... The filehandlers remain open forever. How do intend to check for 
open file handlers? A separated thread? Check on each login event? I can't 
find an easy way to do that without hindering the application or the logging 

Please, take a look at it and let's please find a solution. I've even open a 
thread at users list too, but I didn't post the problem properly...


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