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From Paul Smith <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject Re: Chainsaw harmonization, branding, etc.
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2007 06:04:23 GMT

> I don't think we can redistribute activation.jar, jms-1.1.jar,  
> jmxri-1.2.1.jar, jmxtools-1.2.1.jar and mail-1.4.jar which are  
> currently included in the generated tarball and zip archive.  They  
> are in the assembly since they are referenced by log4j, but they  
> can be suppressed.

None of those should be shipped anyway.  Chainsaw either does not use  
them, or need to be placed in the plugins directory alongside the  
driver-specific jar (in the case of the jms one). We'd also want to  
specifically exclude the VFS, DB and JMS Receivers from the  
distribution for the same reason, hence the need for some customized  
Receiver distribution for Chainsaw only.


>> We might as well be consistent with a tarball distro, but I'm not  
>> sure that's what the users would want to use.  For non-webstart  
>> operations I actually think letting the user use Maven to build  
>> the complete distribution including all dependencies is actually  
>> probably the most pain-free for a user.
> That would require Maven and a JDK where the current tarball can be  
> launched with just a JRE and tar.

yes true.  I was originally thinking that there was more jars that  
need to be distributed than can normally be with an Apache  
distribution (LGPL etc).  Given that the VFS and jmdns bits and bobs  
are now ASL compatible I think that has been removed.  Now the  
Webstart and tarball distribution can contain the exactly the same  


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