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From Stefan Fleiter <stefan.flei...@web.de>
Subject Re: Contribution of TimedDailyRollingFileAppender or CronExpressionFileAppender
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2008 13:21:16 GMT
Hi Curt,

> Having something in the extras companion should actually make the 
> feature available to more people since many people are locked into 
> substantially older versions of log4j for various reasons.  If something 
> is in the extras, it can be a lot easier get an extra jar added to the 
> class path than to force an log4j upgrade.

Ok, makes sense.
What about the frequency of releases?
There only was a single release of the companions until now.

>> We want to guarantee that log rotation (rollover) does occur at the 
>> specified time even if no log statement is appended, therefore our code uses the
>> Timer/TimerTask facility.
>> This is Java 1.3. Could this be a problem for incorporation?

> Are you thinking about trying to manufacture an event to force through 
> the processing pipeline? 

No, not at all.
We only want to guarantee, that all logfiles are rotated when the files are
collected for analysis purposes.
Since there can be extra logfiles configured for messages with very log frequency,
it simply is not possible to defer logrotate until the next log message.

I will prepare a patch and open an enhancement bugzilla.


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