Can you provide more details?  (VFS)LogFilePatternReceiver is the core class app developers can use to parse regular text files and generat logging events from them, as long as  the log file formats are consistent enough to be able to apply a regular expression to parse them.

It may be possible to do all this without writing code if you just need a utility to extract and combine the events...

Do you have two log files and want to extract events sharing a common field to a third log file?

If so, is that common field known before the processing starts?

Maybe example log entries would help as well. 


On Dec 1, 2011, at 1:48 AM, Tushar Kapila <> wrote:

Hi Log4j developers
i used chainsaw to analyze logs using . I was wondering if you could help me extend the non UI core classes  analyze the logs to make my own implmentation.

the reason i want to make my own is that our app has 2 stages, stage 1 can be handled by another node.

so we want a utility that can look for our specific common ID for the 2 events

then make a extracted master log of both stages of that Txn and save to seperate file. what we need is just a text file manipulator but will be great if we can start from a class that can break up the log record and tell me what is the timestamp, thread, caller id, message etc

So what I want is a class name that I can extend or use in chainsaw.

Tushar Kapila