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From Derek Moore <derek.mo...@perceptivesoftware.com>
Subject [log4j2] XML concise mode, class names to XML tags
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2012 22:51:09 GMT
I'm incorporating log4j 2.0-alpha1 into an existing product to
replace/improve a logging infrastructure based on java.util.logging.

log4j2 looks rather nice, I like how it adds further refinement to slf4j's

The configuration documentation is nice, but obviously it's all over the
map (as are most things similarly open-ended, so that's understandable).

Coming away from my first few days messing with it, I am curious how XML
tags relate to class names.

<RollingFile> translates to RollingFileAppender
<PatternLayout> or <CompositeTriggeringPolicy> translate to PatternLayout &

It might be a good idea to just be consistent with the Concise XML format.
As is, it kind of leaves you guessing as to when tag names will & will not
be concatenated to resolve class names.

Hopefully I'll have more productive things to say as I work with log4j2 in
completing this project, but you gotta start somewhere.


Derek Moore

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