I believe Gary meant a vote on the logo - I'm not sure how that relates to web configuration changes.


On Jan 2, 2014, at 11:36 AM, Nick Williams <nicholas@nicholaswilliams.net> wrote:

Not yet. There are several outstanding issues regarding the web configuration that need to be solved. I plan on tackling them next week. I'm finally finishing my book this weekend—four months late. :-(


On Jan 2, 2014, at 1:23 PM, Gary Gregory wrote:

So, should we call for a vote?


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From: Paul Benedict
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I think holding up the final release for the logo shouldn't be too desired. I am patiently waiting for 2.0 to hit GA and the logo is superfluous to my usage.

On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 10:13 AM, Ralph Goers <ralph.goers@dslextreme.com> wrote:
There have been many candidates submitted in the Logo contest [1] which can be viewed at http://www.fdmhosting.com/log4j2/.  I am going to be honest and say that none of them grabs me and says “that’s the one”, although I like the ideas expressed in quite a few of them.  I definitely like the play on version 2 and using it as a superscript to make it appear as log4j squared.   Many of the logos just feel too big to me - they have Log4j adjacent to the image, making them take up a lot of horizontal space. On the images themselves, I really like the coffee cup submitted by Murad,   I like the script used by Andreas but I would prefer that the 4 was facing the correct direction and that the 2 superscript be to the right of the 4 instead of to the left.  I think many of the graphics submitted by Gary are kind of cool - they are very modern looking.

Ideally we should pick out a new logo before 2.0 is released so it would be great if we could get more discussion on this.

Finally, these are just my opinions.  I won’t be the only one voting so I would definitely like to hear what some of the other PMC members think.


[1] - https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LOG4J2-316
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