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From Robin Coe <rcoe.java...@gmail.com>
Subject JSONLayout serializes the MDC as a List<Map<String,String>>?
Date Mon, 04 Jan 2016 19:54:58 GMT
I was trying to deserialize a log event written by the JSONLayout appender,
which uses Jackson.  I therefore also am using Jackson but with the
MrBeanModule, which is a POJO materializer.  After much difficulty with
Jackson throwing deserialization exceptions with the "contextMap" field, I
learned that the map is actually written out as a List of Maps (i.e.
List<Map<String,String>>.  I've included one such event here, with
unnecessary fields shortened:


I'm curious why the contextMap is represented as the more complex List of
single entry Maps, as opposed to a single multi-valued Map?  So, instead of
something that looks like:


I would expect the much simpler (and easily parseable):

Is this intended?


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