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Subject Contributor Document class repository proposal
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 19:48:18 GMT
Contributor Document class repository proposal

Issue: One of the areas that many developers are duplicating efforts is 
in the creation of Documents. Although creating a Document is specific 
to the data, most people deal with common formats such as XML, csv, 
text, pdf, HTML, databases...

Potential solution:
Allow developers / users to contribute there own Document classes.
Create a new area called "resources" (this seems to be consistent with 
other Jakarta projects) under the About area on the main Lucene web page.
This will link to a page which will includes contributions by other 
people that is not part of the main Lucene distribution.
I think a good example of this is

The contribution will be organized with a name, author, contribution 
date and description. The name will be a link to download the tar or zip 
One question is if the source becomes part of the Lucene project, or if 
it owned and maintained by the contributor. In many of the other 
projects, there is a link to an external website and an email address of 
who maintains it. I would suggest that it becomes part of the Lucene 
This web page will be maintained by me.

The source of these contributions will be added into the CVS at the
Apache/jakarta-lucene/contributions  level (to be added).
This repository will be maintained by me. Being a Document class 
contributor does not give you write access to the cvs tree.

Please let me know if people think this is a valuable contribution and 
are willing to support it.
Also, any part of the solution is open for revision based on feedback.



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