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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject RE: missing Lucene files
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 15:59:09 GMT
> From: Brian Goetz []
> Have the ANT file produce a lucene-src.jar, but don't put the source
> files in the standard JAR.  This confuses IDEs like NetBeans if you
> try and mount the JAR as a file system; when they find both .java and
> .class in a JAR, they want to try and compile the .java files, and are
> not always able to.

Currently the sources are included in the Lucene *tar* file, along with the
documentation and examples.  The sources are not bundled into a jar, and in
particular, not bundled into the same jar as the .class files.

Most Jakarta projects build separate source and binary distribution tar
files.  Lucene does not at present.  Jakarta downloads are centralized, with
a top-level distinction between source and binary distribution, then, within
that, project.  So, the way the Jakarta website is constructed combined with
Lucene's lack of a separate source code distribution causes confusion.

I think the best solution is to change Lucene's build.xml to construct
separate source and binary distributions.


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