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From Paddy Clark <>
Subject Near without slop
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2001 18:18:02 GMT
OK I'm struggling .. how would I implement a NEAR operator, without using 
phrases ?

My current "NEAR" solution is to modify the query parser to build a 
PhraseQuery from the terms surrounding NEAR and set the slop 
correctly.  This works for this kind of query:

Bob NEAR Jim

The problem comes when I try

microsoft NEAR app*

to get microsoft near application, apple etc.

app* is not a term so you cannot add it to a PhraseQuery.  The problem also 
occurs with

microsoft NEAR "Bill Gates"
linux NEAR (unix AND bsd)

and other combinations...

Any pointers as to how to tackle this problem ?


Patrick Clark
Granta Design Limted

Paddy Clark
Granta Design Limted

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