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Subject Re: Contributor Document class repository proposal
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 23:33:43 GMT
I was thinking that if people used this an maintained other peoples 
contributions then all could benefit if we stored in a source control 
I understand the complexities of this issue and having a link to an 
email message works for me.
As people use it and it progresses, I think we might revist this issue.


On Friday, November 30, 2001, at 02:33 PM, Doug Cutting wrote:

> Peter,
> I like the proposal, but I am not sure that Jakarta should host the
> contributions.  That starts to imply that they're a part of the Lucene
> project, and might be supported by it, etc.
> I note that many of the examples you provide are simply pointers to 
> archived
> mail messages.  The lucene-user mailing list is archived at:
> The mail archive even stores attachments, e.g.:
> So all it seems to me that we need to do is have someone mail a 
> contribution
> to the lucene-user list as an attachment, and then add a pointer from a
> Lucene "Resources" page to the message.  If folks want to host 
> contributions
> in other places, then they can just mail a link to the maintainer of the
> resource page.
> Is that okay?  Is there an important reason that you think these
> contributions should be hosted by Jakarta?
> Of course some contributions should be added directly to Lucene.  I'm
> hesitant to add contributions that require libraries that Lucene is not
> already dependent on, or that are not included in the standard JDK.  
> But,
> for example, pure JDBC code would be OK since JDBC is part of Java.  
> (Yes,
> JDBC is only a part of 1.2 and up, and Lucene still runs in 1.1, but 
> JDK 1.2
> or greater is required to compile Lucene and to take advantage of all
> features...)  Similarly, once JDK 1.4 is commonly used, then XML support
> could be added to Lucene.
> So we should keep an eye out for generally useful, well-written
> contributions that do not require additional libraries as candiates for
> inclusion in Lucene.
> In summary, I am +1 for adding Peter as a Lucene committer for the 
> purposes
> of developing and maintaining a 'resources' page.
> Doug
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>> Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 11:48 AM
>> To: Lucene Developers List
>> Subject: Contributor Document class repository proposal
>> Contributor Document class repository proposal
>> Issue: One of the areas that many developers are duplicating
>> efforts is
>> in the creation of Documents. Although creating a Document is
>> specific
>> to the data, most people deal with common formats such as XML, csv,
>> text, pdf, HTML, databases...
>> Potential solution:
>> Allow developers / users to contribute there own Document classes.
>> How:
>> Create a new area called "resources" (this seems to be
>> consistent with
>> other Jakarta projects) under the About area on the main
>> Lucene web page.
>> This will link to a page which will includes contributions by other
>> people that is not part of the main Lucene distribution.
>> I think a good example of this is
>> or
>> The contribution will be organized with a name, author, contribution
>> date and description. The name will be a link to download the
>> tar or zip
>> file.
>> One question is if the source becomes part of the Lucene
>> project, or if
>> it owned and maintained by the contributor. In many of the other
>> projects, there is a link to an external website and an email
>> address of
>> who maintains it. I would suggest that it becomes part of the Lucene
>> project.
>> This web page will be maintained by me.
>> The source of these contributions will be added into the CVS at the
>> Apache/jakarta-lucene/contributions  level (to be added).
>> This repository will be maintained by me. Being a Document class
>> contributor does not give you write access to the cvs tree.
>> Please let me know if people think this is a valuable
>> contribution and
>> are willing to support it.
>> Also, any part of the solution is open for revision based on feedback.
>> Thanks
>> --Peter
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