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Subject Separating translatable strings
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2001 18:19:04 GMT
We are actively pursuing the use of Lucene within the Eclipse platform 
(, initially as the search mechanism for online 

One of the things we noticed is that Lucene does not separate its strings 
for translation, and in several places writes to the console. In all cases 
we've seen, this involves error situations (throwing of exceptions with 
message, System.err.println logging) so the user will not typically see 
these if all is well. However, in Eclipse, we have generally translated 
all strings (error and otherwise) so we were wondering if there was any 
work under way/ planned to do the same in Lucene.

We'd be willing to assist/ do the string separation pass and contribute 
the changes, but because it is a change that would span the entire Lucene 
codebase we are not sure how to contribute something like this. We use an 
Eclipse based tool to do string separation in our own code, so we could 
take a specific Lucene build through this and contribute it back. Or we 
could possibly make the tool available to the Lucene team to make this 

In terms of the System.out/ System.err output, Lucene should not be 
writing to the console. For example, Eclipse runs without a console so any 
such output is lost. It would be nice if the Lucene toolkit allowed the 
caller to set a "log handler" that Lucene writes to. The default 
implementation (supplied with the Lucene toolkit) could simply write to 
System.err. We could replace it to write to our Eclipse platform log 

Any direction you can give us on this would be greatly appreciated ...

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