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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: non-overlapping Span queries
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 23:09:59 GMT

: > Brooklyn High which is in Brooklyn, NY
: That requires a minimum distance between the matches of the
: subqueries, and that is not yet implemented.

I was about to suggest that adding that seems like it would be fairly
easy, just add a new "int minDistance" to SpanNearQuery and then use it in
NearSpansOrdered.docSpansOrdered to ensure that "end1 + minDistance <=
start2" and in NearSpansUnordered.atMatch to test that "min.end() +
minDistance <= max.start()" ... but then it orruced to me that the whole
issue isn't thatsimple when you have a SpanNearQuery with more then two

I'm not even sure what a three clause SpanNearQuery with a miDistance of N
would even mean .. is that the min distance between each clause, or
between the outer most?

Paul: you under stand Span queries a lot better then i do: if you had a
two clause SpanNear would my suggestion make sense?

we could allways add minDistance to SpanNearQuery, but make it private
only only setable from a new constructor that explicitly only takes in two
SpanQuery clauses (instead of an array).


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