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From robert engels <>
Subject Re: Lucene and Javolution: A good mix ?
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2007 02:30:45 GMT
I would suggest that the Javolution folks do their tests against  
modern JVM...

I have followed the Javolution project for some time, and while I  
agree that some of the techniques should improve things, I think that  
modern JVMs do most of this work for you (and the latest class  
libraries also help - StringBuilder and others).

I also think that when you start doing you own memory management you  
might as well write the code in C/C++ because you need to use similar  
techniques (similar to the resource management when using SWT).

Just my thoughts.

On Apr 4, 2007, at 8:54 PM, Jean-Philippe Robichaud wrote:

> Hello Dear Lucene coders!
> Some of you may remember, I'm using lucene for a product (and many  
> other
> internal utilities).  I'm also using another open source library  
> called
> Javolution ( <> ) which  
> does
> many things, one of them being to offer excellent replacements for
> ArrayList/Map/... and a super good memory management extension to the
> java language.
> As I'm [trying to] follow the conversations on this list, I see that
> many of you are working towards optimizing lucene in term of memory
> footprint and speed.  I just finished optimizing my code (not lucene
> itself, but my code written on top of it) using Javolution PoolContext
> and the FastList/FastMap/... classes.  The resulting speedup is a 6
> times faster code.
> Javolution make it easy to recycle objects and do some object  
> allocation
> on the stack rather than on the head, which remove stress on the  
> garbage
> collector.  Javolution also offers 2 classes  (Text and  
> TextBuilder) to
> replace String/StringBuffer which are perfect for anything related to
> string manipulation and some C "union/struct" equivalent for java.   
> The
> thing is really great.
> Would anyone be interested in doing Lucene a face lift and start using
> javolution as a core lucene dependency?  I understand that right now,
> lucene is free of any dependencies, which is quite great, but anyone
> interested in doing fast/lean/stable java application should seriously
> consider using javolution anyway.
> Any thoughts?
> Jp

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