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From "James" <>
Subject RE: Best Lucene hardware
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 18:51:56 GMT
Thanks for the feedback.  I saw those solid-state hard drives, and those are
definitely an interesting option if I am I/O limited.  But, I suspect that I
am CPU limited, which (ironically, after all the investigation that I have
done), seems to make commodity server farms the best option.


> Dear James,
> I recently had the same question, but no definitive answer to offer.
> I guess that throughput/access time requirements depend on:
> a) document size (the larger the document, the more the throughput might
> be important)
> b) how many documents you want to actually read (only a few to display
> them, or all to do some processing with them)
>         If you want to read many documents, seek time becomes more
> important
> My best guess is that access time is more important for you, unless you
> store only very few very large documents.
> Of course you should look for native command queuing discs (the disc may
> reorder the read commands to reduce seek time).
> Another option (if your memory requirements are not so huge) : Solid state
> disk, see e.g.
> The second version shall support up to 16Gbyte, see
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang

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