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From André Warnier>
Subject multiple instances of fields or attributes
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2008 17:27:13 GMT

I am totally new to Lucene, and currently investigating the usage of 
Lucene for a new development project. In fact, for evaluation I am using 
the C port of Lucene, through the Perl "Lucene" module.  I believe my 
question is generic, but please tell me if it is otherwise.
(Please adapt this question to the Java environment if needed, want I 
want to know is the fundamentals of Lucene)

In perl, to add items to the Lucene index, I do sonething like
my $doc = new Lucene::document;
and that works fine.

Now my question is : can I have seperate "instances" of the field 
'author' in the same document, like
'author' = 'Einstein, Albert'
'author' = 'Newton, Isaac'
'author' = 'Freud, Sigmund'

Could I just do several times
and would Lucene index separate "instances" of this field for the same 
document ?

The reason being that I would like to search something like "Einstein 
Albert"~1  (adjacent), but without finding another document which would 
have a concatenated field like "Thomas, Albert; Einstein, Joseph".
(The same case occurs for instance for a field "keywords".)

Does this question make sense with Lucene ?
If the above is not possible, then is this type of case usually handled 
otherwise in Lucene, and how ?

Thank you in advance,

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