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From chaiguy1337 <>
Subject Synchronization and merging indexes
Date Sun, 21 Dec 2008 00:12:24 GMT

Hi. I'm currently using Lucene.Net as the backing store for a client Windows
app and it's working great, however I'm now looking at making this an
occasionally-connected remote-synchronized store.

In other words, I want to use one of the free online storage APIs out there
that my users can subscribe to and provide login credentials, and use it to
back up entire copies of the index (we're talking relatively small indexes

The scenario should allow for multiple clients to be simultaneously
modifying their local copies of the index, and therefore I will need to
merge the indexes to allow for multiple sources of change.

My question is first of all if anyone has any experience with this, just for
some advice, but in particular I'm concerned with the merging process--does
merging two indexes simply concatenate all documents in each, even if they
are identical, or is there some kind of logic performed to union duplicates?
If not, how should I go about doing that manually in an efficient way?

I'm not terribly worried about conflicts or collisions--in the worst case I
can simply duplicate the document, but I don't want duplicate copies of
documents created when there is no conflict.

Thanks for any advice.

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