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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Nutch 1.1 Release Candidate #2
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2010 05:05:41 GMT

: (b) I can't find anywhere regarding ASF policy on existing VOTE threads
: started before TLP VOTEs and resolutions passed in that regard. My guess is
: that it's probably too specific to have an official policy written down for
: it, therefore it's open to interpretation.

there is potential for some odd voting formalities if a vote is actively 
in progress when a TLP switch happens, but key the thing to remember is 
that when a VOTE is called it's over a specific set of artifacts.  it 
doesn't matter how long the discussion about having a relase has been 
going on or how many release candidates were put up for a vote before, 
what matters is that for this particular set of artifacts, the Nutch PMC 
has the only binding votes, because the VOTE was called after the TLP was 

I do have to ammend my earlier comments though, because i am now 
remmebering that strictly speaking: the Lucene PMC can vote to release any 
arbitrary hunk of ASL licensed code as a release -- there is no formal 
rules abotu the "products" just the "prjects" ... so in theory we could 
have a Lucene release of Nutch in the same way we could have a Lucene 
release of Tomcat -- but that strikes me as being "uncool"

The fundemental point i'm trying to make is that the Nutch PMC does exist, 
regardless of what domain names or mailing lists have or have not been 
created, and all 7 Nutch Project Members have the power of binding votes 
for artifacts the Nutch Project wants to release.


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