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From lucenewbie <>
Subject RE: Extreme Beginner Needs Lucene Help
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2011 18:01:09 GMT
First, thanks for your reply. A few quick notes:

- I have the book Lucene in Action. Additionally, I have all the source code
for the book. They don't really address my problems.  
- I already configured the build path in Eclipse. 
- I was pretty sure that Lucene 3.4.0 addressed many of the Java 7 issues. 

Thanks for the explanation on deprecation, very informative.

Here is the program given in the source for Lucene in Action. I
edited this to run from a JAVA IDE instead of command line (but that only
meant changing 2 files and removing the argument accepting). I'll mark
errors with *****!!!******errors******!!!*****

import org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriter;
import org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard.StandardAnalyzer;
import org.apache.lucene.document.Document;
import org.apache.lucene.document.Field;

import java.util.Date;

 * This code was originally written for
 * Erik's Lucene intro article
public class Indexer {

  public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

    File indexDir = new File("indexDirectory");
    File dataDir = new File("filestobeindexed");

    long start = new Date().getTime();
    int numIndexed = index(indexDir, dataDir);
    long end = new Date().getTime();

    System.out.println("Indexing " + numIndexed + " files took "
      + (end - start) + " milliseconds");

  public static int index(File indexDir, File dataDir)
    throws IOException {

    if (!dataDir.exists() || !dataDir.isDirectory()) {
      throw new IOException(dataDir
        + " does not exist or is not a directory");

   IndexWriter writer = new IndexWriter("/index", new
StandardAnalyzer(Version.LUCENE_CURRENT), true,

*****!!!******The constructor IndexWriter(String, StandardAnalyzer, boolean,
IndexWriter.MaxFieldLength) is undefined, MaxFieldLength.LIMITED is
deprecated, MaxFieldLength is deprecated, Version cannot be resolved to a


    indexDirectory(writer, dataDir);

    int numIndexed = writer.docCount(); 

*****!!!******The method docCount() is undefined for the type

    return numIndexed;

  private static void indexDirectory(IndexWriter writer, File dir)
    throws IOException {

    File[] files = dir.listFiles();

    for (int i = 0; i < files.length; i++) {
      File f = files[i];
      if (f.isDirectory()) {
        indexDirectory(writer, f);  // recurse
      } else if (f.getName().endsWith(".txt")) {
        indexFile(writer, f);

  private static void indexFile(IndexWriter writer, File f)
    throws IOException {

    if (f.isHidden() || !f.exists() || !f.canRead()) {

    System.out.println("Indexing " + f.getCanonicalPath());

    Document doc = new Document();
    doc.add(Field.Text("contents", new FileReader(f)));

*****!!!******The method Text(String, FileReader) is undefined for the type

    doc.add(Field.Keyword("filename", f.getCanonicalPath()));

*****!!!******The method Text(String, String) is undefined for the type


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