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From rstaudinger <>
Subject Performance issues with high query volume
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2011 23:00:48 GMT

I inherited a fairly large SOLR installation that has some performance
issues in terms of query times.  Since I am newbie to SOLR, I am looking for
pointers where to start looking for the problem.  Here is the basic setup of
the system:

- sharded across 4 servers (24 CPU, 48GB RAM)
- the index size on each shard is 11GB
- each shard contains about 4.5 million documents

The system receives a pretty constant load of search requests, at a rate of
about 110 requests/second.  I can control the rate of request sent to SOLR,
and this is about the best rate I can get, which CPU maxed out on all 4
servers.  Average search time is around 4000ms on the master and anywhere
from 700ms to 1500ms on the slaves.  Search times drop proportionally with
the number of requests.  The best search time average I can get is around

I suspect that this configuration is not appropriate, since the sharding is
geared more toward large datasets, not so much query volume, and a
master-slave configuration might be more appropriate.  Is an index size of
11GB appropriate, or should it be larger or smaller in this situation?  
We are also on SORL 1.4.1, which might be part of the issue as well.  I am
planning to upgrade to the latest version in a few months.  Are there
performance improvements from that alone even with the current

Any pointers to either narrow down the problem or suggest alternate
configurations would be greatly appreciated.


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