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From Chris Hostetter <>
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2012 21:59:38 GMT

: - Predictive internal site search

if by "predictive" you mean as users type you suggest searches for them, 
then yes this is possible -- in Lucene/Solr vocab it's reffered to as 

:   -- Ranked search returns (products vs. FAQs vs search)

in general, you have total control over the Query objects used in Lucene, 
so you can construct them anyway you want to bias content in favor of any 
rules you want -- in particular things like function queries can help you 
boost documents according to numeric values (that typically come from 
indexed fields)

: -Search Video content

if you can extract meatata from the video files, you can index it and 
search it -- take a look at Tika for metadata extraction.

: - Downloadable .pdf forms library - searchable and categorisable

i don't know what that means.


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