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From Mark Bennett <>
Subject Re: Does solr 4.8.1 support these features?
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2014 16:27:31 GMT
Hello Derek,

See answers inline.

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On Jun 9, 2014, at 12:00 AM, Derek Poh <> wrote:

> My company is actively looking at alternative search engine applications to replace our
current Endeca application.
> I have no experience and knowledge on Solr and Lucene.
> Please bear with me, I would like to find out if the following features are available
on Solr.
> 1. Aggregate results (rollups).
> Eg. Froma list of search result of products (each has field = supplier id), can the results
be aggregated by supplier id with the original results ordering retain.
Yes it can:

> 2. Filter/Navigator, counts.
> List out a field's possible values and their counts fromthe indexed data and from the
return results.
> The field's values can be sorted by the values description or by the values countsin
the return results.
Yes, Solr calls these "Facets" and offers several types:

> Eg. Field "Business Type" belowwith it's possible values and the count for each value(in
bracket). Can the field be return in the result with it's values sorted either by description
or bycounts?
> Business Type
> Manufacturer (15269)
>    Exporter (12493)
>    Trading Company (5541)
>    Agent (1324)
>    Wholesaler (1202)
>    Importer (682)
>    Buying Office (394)
> Distributor (278)
>    Other (157)
>    Retailer (116)
>    Consultant (54)

Absolutely, and Solr is very fast and accurate.

> 3. Configureand defined the relevance rankingand matching logic of the return result.
Yes, though not by that name.
Step 1:
Configure default edismax parameters in your solrconfig.xml

Step 2:
Create additional search handlers in solrconfig.xml, and each search handler can have its
own edismax configuration.

Normally the format of the search URL is:

You would replace the "select" with the name of the search handler that has the edismax config
you want.

With multiple search handlers, you'd use something like:

> 4. Defined and configure the thesaurus (1-wayor 2-way), stemming and stop words.
Yes, Solr is very good about this, you have both options.

Also, Solr let's you choose:
* Index time, or query time, or both
* Use expansion or reduction

You can even have more than one thesaurus file and have them each handled differently.

For example:
* Use an english_language thesaurus, which rarely changes, and expand that at index time
* Use your company_synonyms, which may change frequently, and expand them at search time.

I'll let you find these in the wiki,

> 5. Multi-language supportfor Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

And for simplified Chinese, please make sure to use the SmartCN analyzer, and not the simplistic
"CJK"; SmartCN actually looks for Chinese language word breaks using statistical methods,
and therefore should give better results.

> 6. Scalability.
> At present, we are indexing 4million recordsand the number is expected to increase by
more than 10 folds in the near future.
40 million documents can normally be handled on a single machine, assuming it has enough RAM
and doesn't have a lot of other stuff running.
You might want a second machine for failover.

When people use multiple machines, then the way to do that is via SolrCloud.

> 7. Search results debugging. Eg. why record was matchedor why record was ranked as such.

You typically add &debugQuery=true&debug.explain.structured=true to the URL.

The output is a bit technical, it takes some practice to understand.

There's also a graphical relevancy debugger with a free eval period:

> Derek
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