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From Mike Linnetz <>
Subject Question: Does Zookeeper/SolrCloud handle the failover?
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2017 17:50:02 GMT

I am new to SolrCloud and Zookeeper, and there's a piece of the puzzle on which I'm unclear.
 I don't understand whether/how SolrCloud and Zookeeper handles the high availability aspect.
 That is, once I have the Zookeeper ensemble set up, now how do I reference the collection
in a "high-availability" fashion so that if one Solr instance is down, it will automatically
route to another instance?

Am I thinking that SolrCloud does more than it actually does?  That is, could I instead handle
all Load Balancing outside of Zookeeper, and just use our company's network load balancer
to route/distribute traffic for a single consolidated URL:port to the different actual Solr

Here's more details in case it helps:
I have an ASP.NET application which uses SolrNet to query and write to a standalone Solr instance.
 In my program , I specify the hostname:port of my Solr instance:
This setup was used for development and testing.

Now, for production, I need to implement Solr in a H.A. fashion so that I don't have a single
point of failure.    So, following Apache's documentation, I understand that the solution
would be to set up an external Zookeeper Ensemble. 
So, let's say I set up a new Zookeeper Ensemble (three instances). Let's also say I have three
Solr instances, #shards = 2, #replicas per shard = 2.

Once I have the Zookeeper ensemble set up, now how do I reference the collection?
Previously, my code references a single standalone Solr instance, "http://solrserver1:9983".
What do I point it to now?  

If I point it to any of the three Solr instances, and if that instance I'm referencing goes
down, it means the request would fail, right?
I read similar questions online, for example!msg/solrnet/-PeaGrLAMtw/pAfxuoYLVnIJ,
and the answer seems to be that SolrNet doesn't support this type of HA.  So, do I understand
correctly that the load balancing aspect needs to be handled on the client-side (or via a
network load balancer), not the zookeeper/solrcloud server side?



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