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From Ian Lea <>
Subject RE: Indexing Growth
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 15:32:14 GMT
They look like the type of file name that would be created
when documents were added to the index.  So I still think
something is adding stuff to your index.  Could it be an
external process as someone suggested?  Does the index
grow even if you don't search?  In the code you posted,
what does checkForIndexChange() do?  Yes, I can guess what
it is supposed to do, but is it perhaps doing something else
as well or instead, directly or indirectly?


> (Rob Outar) wrote 
> After building the index for the first time:
> _l1d.f1  _l1d.f3  _l1d.f5  _l1d.f7  _l1d.f9   _l1d.fdx  _l1d.frq  _l1d.tii
> deletable
> _l1d.f2  _l1d.f4  _l1d.f6  _l1d.f8  _l1d.fdt  _l1d.fnm  _l1d.prx  _l1d.tis
> segments
> After running first query to get all attributes from all files in the given
> directory, there were 17 files, each file has 5 attributes so 85 queries
> were ran:
> _l1j.f1   _l1p.f9   _l21.f3   _l27.fdx  _l2j.f5   _l2p.prx  _l31.f7
> _l3j.f1   _l3p.f9   _l41.f3   _l44.fdx
> _l1j.f2   _l1p.fdt  _l21.f4   _l27.frq  _l2j.f6   _l2p.tis  _l31.f8
> _l3j.f2   _l3p.fdt  _l41.f4   _l44.frq
> ...

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