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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: issues with optimizer
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 00:07:45 GMT

: actually its more of a "general" question rather than a compass specific
: one.  Here's my complete process:
: I have incoming data being indexed every hour.  The data varies from 100 to
: 10000 documents.  I'm also having the index optimized via Compass (using its
: Adaptive or Aggressive optimizer, which in turn uses Lucene).  Its currently

the first problem is, most people on this list really have no idea what
you mean by "Adaptive or Aggressive optimizer" ... jsut because it "in
turn uses Lucene" doesn't mean we know what it does ... there is only one
"optimize" method in Lucene ... so what is an Adaptive optimizer?  what is
an Aggressive optimizer?

: scheduled every 10 seconds.  In the beginning, when my index just started to

Optimizing every 10 seconds sounds extremely ridiculous to me ... i can't
imagine any use case where that would make sense.


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