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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: Thoughts on Search Analytics?
Date Fri, 06 May 2011 07:04:52 GMT

Le 6 mai 2011 à 00:20, Otis Gospodnetic a écrit :
>> thus far, only search-testing has provided some analytics measures for us  
>> (precision and recall ones). We, of course, construct the test-suites from the  
>> logs.
> Interesting.  It sounds like you don't currently utilize any sort of reporting 
> tool that would tell you more about users' search experience other than what you 
> can glean from the logs (number of hits, query string, any other params like hl, 
> fq, etc., request handler used, and latency).?  

Correct, there was no plan for such operation yet. It can sure be a useful thing.
I wonder if there's a lot of literature about such best practice btw. 
This I would be very interested to hear.

> So you can't really tell, for 
> example, what percentage of queries are getting DYM suggestions or what 
> percentage of queries originate from DYM suggestion, right?  You also can't tell 
> which queries result in very low click-through rate? etc.

I think that one of the keys here is that we would need external linkable queries, and in
the ActiveMath engine I've been working on there was none such unfortunately. 

> Those are some examples of search analytics reports that I was thinking people 
> might be running in order to better understand how their search is behaving and 
> what users are experiencing.

It sure is desirable but the toolset was not right-away available for this.

The simple log counts as François Schiettecatte just responded in the solr list would even
be useful but again, it needs a little extra programming.

All people I met would recommend Google Analytics for this. I tend to dislike their approach
and do not know open-source, "my server side", solutions. Hence I made this thread public
to hear about "satelites" (which are somewhat lucene related).

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