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From Paul Taylor <>
Subject Lucene spending alot of time in BooleanScorer2
Date Mon, 02 May 2011 22:36:41 GMT

Nearing completion on a new version of a lucene search component for the music database and having a problem with 
performance. There are a number of indexes each built from data in a 
database, there is one index for albums, another for artists, and 
another for tracks (individual songs on albums). Testing search 
performance on every index they all perform well except for the tracks 
index which is considerably slower than before.

The code is similar, though there are changes sin all areas, and I have 
checked with a profiler that it is the lucene search that is taking the 
time. It is spending most of its time in BooleanScorer2, you can see a 
breakdown  at, is this normal ? I profiled a 
well performing index and this method didn't even show up.

One thought I had is that some of the test queries are a little silly 
IMO and contain alot of OR queries both on terms within field and over 
multiple fields. We only ever return 25 results, but I guess Lucene has 
to sort all the results and in some cases there are over a million 
matches, could this be the reason ? However these queries still perform 
better with the old code base and Im using TopScoreDocsCollecter so I 
can't see how to improve it, and all queries not just the silly ones 
appear slower.

Code Extract:
     public Results searchLucene(String query, int offset, int limit) 
throws IOException, ParseException {
         IndexSearcher searcher = getIndexSearcher();
         QueryParser parser = getParser();
         TopScoreDocCollector collector = 
TopScoreDocCollector.create(offset + limit, true);, collector);
         return processResults(searcher, collector, offset);
     private Results processResults(IndexSearcher searcher, 
TopScoreDocCollector collector, int offset) throws IOException {
         Results results = new Results();
         TopDocs topDocs = collector.topDocs();
         results.offset = offset;
         results.totalHits = topDocs.totalHits;
         ScoreDoc docs[] = topDocs.scoreDocs;
         float maxScore = topDocs.getMaxScore();
         for (int i = offset; i < docs.length; i++) {
             Result result = new Result();
             result.score = docs[i].score / maxScore;
             result.doc = new MbDocument(searcher.doc(docs[i].doc));
         return results;

I'm using Lucene 3.0.3, old code base is using 2.9.2, any help 
appreciated on what the problem could be, on on how I should proceed.

thanks Paul

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