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From Vladimir Kotal <>
Subject MmapDirectory and IndexReader reuse
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2016 09:49:10 GMT

Hi all,

when trying to identify bottlenecks in our application, I found that 
each search which involves multiple indexes is performing lots of 
mmap()/open() syscalls. This is a natural consequence of using 
MmapDirectory. So even if file system caches are properly warmed, this 
might add couple of seconds (depending on operating system or 
virtualization technology) to the request handling time, especially when 
the number of searched indexes is in hundreds (see for the gory detail).

I was wondering if we can amortize the syscall load by caching 
IndexReader objects. The search (which is done in webapp) looks like this:

and the idea would be to reuse each IndexReader until the next refresh 
of its pertaining index. This would avoid the syscalls during

My worry is what happens if indexer runs and writes to the index files 
while they are mmap'ed in memory - could this lead to corrupted search ?

The reindex work is visible here:

The documents are added or removed in the call to indexDown() which is 
basically recursive traversal of directory tree. The commit happens only 
after the traversal is done.

The IndexWriter is setup with CREATE_OR_APPEND which I am not sure is 
desired for the reuse. If we can avoid index files to be written into 
(or at least make sure they are appended only) while reindexing, this 
should make the reuse possible I think.

Any comments are welcome,


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