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From Raffaele Gambelli <>
Subject R: Lucene index directory grows and shrinks
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2019 14:16:13 GMT
Thanks for your quick reply, I'm quite a beginner in Lucene concepts, Jackrabbit hides almost
all about the way it uses Lucene internally.

Anyway here it is the size of each sub-directory in my index, please note the bigger one,
25G,  is it normal?

...repository/workspaces/default/index$ du -h .
2.5G    ./_12ey1
14M     ./_1dr9s
20M     ./_1dr8d
2.8G    ./_1b9pj
5.8M    ./_1drqc
19M     ./_1dr4q
2.5G    ./_17lmu
4.0M    ./_1drmx
11M     ./_1drbf
4.3M    ./_1drok
13M     ./_1drq1
40K     ./_1drqe
11M     ./_1drhc
260M    ./_1dr3g
664M    ./_1by44
2.5G    ./_14tet
281M    ./_1c4wj
25G     ./_zzgq
274M    ./_1d2nc
638M    ./_1ctf0
580K    ./_1drqf
304K    ./_1drqd
6.5M    ./_1dr6m
325M    ./_1djfp

I tried also to download index directory to my local machine, to inspect them with Luke which
I know a bit, but for network problem the download always interrupts.

> What is your segment size limit?

I don't know, where could I see that limit?

> Have you changed the default merge frequency or max segments configuration?

Merge frequency is the mergeFactor ? If yes I'm using the default that is 10, read here

Max segment I don't know, where could I see it?


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Da: Atri Sharma <>
Inviato: luned├Č 4 novembre 2019 14:46
Oggetto: Re: Lucene index directory grows and shrinks

This are typical symptoms of an index merge.

However, it is hard to predict more without knowing more data. What is your segment size limit?
Have you changed the default merge frequency or max segments configuration? Would you have
an estimate of ratio of number of segments reaching max limit / total segments?


On Mon, Nov 4, 2019 at 7:12 PM Raffaele Gambelli <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using Jackrabbit 2.18.0 which uses lucene-core 3.6.0.
> I'm working on an application that has reached 37 G of directory index, a few days ago,
disk occupancy has quickly reached 100% and then returned to pre-growth employment.
> I believe that was caused by a rapid growth of Lucene index directory,
> looking for such an event I've found only this article describing
> something really similar
> y-growth.html
> I would like to know more info about this behaviour, first of all can you confirm this
growth and shrinkage?

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