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From Stephen Green <>
Subject Re: running Dirichlet example on AEMR
Date Mon, 18 May 2009 13:43:53 GMT
On May 18, 2009, at 8:59 AM, Sebastien Bratieres wrote:
> Indeed the .job file does contain all the files and classes, and as  
> I wrote,
> the classes which must be loaded actually are there

Sorry, missed that bit. It definitely sounds like a class loading  

> -- in other words: I
> don't think I'm missing any class. The class not found exception  
> appears
> none the less... as though the classloader couldn't find it when it  
> is in a
> lib/...jar.

Can you post the results of jar -t on the .job file?  When I was  
investigating getting the kmeans example running, it looked like the  
Hadoop infrastructure builds a class path out of the lib directory of  
the .job file (but, annoyingly, doesn't use the class-path element of  
the manifest to figure that out) and I think it makes its own class  
loader like that.

> Also, I can't quite figure out why I could make kMeans work (as you  
> did) and
> not the Dirichlet sample.

Because I'm awesome? :-)  I assume that this is running correctly on a  
local Hadoop?

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