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Subject Why compiling Mahout from trunk if there are already builds available in maven public repo?
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2012 22:13:19 GMT

why every tutorial I found so far makes integrating Eclipse with Mahout so complicated?
With complicated I mean (1) getting the source from svn-trunk, (2) compiling the source with
maven, (3) generating an eclipse-maven project with "mvn eclipse:eclipse"?

I am just starting to use Mahout and want to run as many examples as I can to get experience
about using clustering algorithms "the right way".

If I understood correctly, then there are two ways to interact with Mahout and write "programs"
for it:
 1. with scripts in bin/ folder, which are boundled into a single script file
 2. programming against the Mahout Java API, so "embedding Mahout" in a Java application

With which approach should I start?
I am trying to start with approach 2., but maybe I should start 1.? I don't know.

My way to start with approach 2. is very simple
 1. Create a new Maven-project in Eclipse with File > New > Other > Maven Project
    So no need to deal with CLI or "mvn eclipce:eclipse" at all
 2. In Eclipse double-click on pom.xml, open the "Dependendencies" tab, click on "Add...",
    search for "mahout" and select "mahout-core", which basically includes the following:

This way is simple and straightforward. But why then is every tutorial talking about the "hard
way" with svn-trunk, and compiling and so on? Or am I missing somethign important here?

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