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From Dominique Bejean <>
Subject Solr and LCF security at query time
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2010 09:05:46 GMT

I don't see in LCF wiki how Solr and LCF works together at query time in 
order to remove from the result list the items the user is not allowed 
to access.

I just see these sentences :

" Once all these documents and their access tokens are handed to the 
search engine, it is the search engine's job to enforce security by 
excluding inappropriate documents from the search results. For *Lucene*, 
this infrastructure is expected to be built on top of Lucene's generic 
metadata abilities, but has not been implemented at this time."

I am not sure to understand. Does this mean that for the moment, it is 
not possible for Solr to apply security by using an Authority Connector ?


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