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From <>
Subject RE: java.lang.NullPointerException while trying to crawl RSS feed to Solr
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2010 10:51:22 GMT
The 'connection working' from rss doesn't mean much.  But the 'connection working' from solr
means that lcf could talk to solr and do a ping.

In any case, you should never see an NPE from lcf, so I am going to look into this at earliest
opportunity.  It is possible that the NPE is masking some other error, but maybe it is just


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From: "ext Jens Bengtsson" <>
Subject: java.lang.NullPointerException while trying to crawl RSS feed to Solr
Date: July 21, 2010
Time: 6:38:7  AM


I have setup a connector against a RSS-feed with output to a Solr server. The repository connection
and output connection report that the connection is ok.

When I run the job it seems to retrieve the RSS feed and process everything as it should,
the data does not seem to get indexed into Solr however.

If I look in the lcf log file I find the following:
Error tossed: null
                             at org.apache.lcf.agents.output.solr.HttpPoster$

I guess there’s an error when it tries to post the data to Solr, but I can’t figure out
what the problem is. If I look at the catalina log for the tomcat where Solr is run I can’t
find any errors or anything else.

Does anyone have any tips?

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