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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Re: MCPermissionsService
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2011 09:24:22 GMT
Hi Abe,

What happens on SharePoint 3.0 without the service is the following:

(1) IF you specify you are connecting to a 3.0 SharePoint when setting
up your connection, you will get a connection error because the
connector will try to talk with the uninstalled service.  So you MUST
select the SharePoint 2.0 radio button or the connector won't work at

(2) If you select SharePoint 2.0 but you are really crawling
SharePoint 3.0, the list of access tokens that ManifoldCF will not
include folder or file security information, but you WILL be able to
get documents, and you will be also able to get the library and site
security information.

(3) If there are deny tokens in the folder or file information that
would have blocked a user from seeing a document, MCF will not notice
this, and therefore it is possible for a search user to see documents
they shouldn't.

FWIW, if all you need is the prebuilt MCPermissions.asmx plugin, it is
currently checked into trunk.  It is copied to
dist/sharepoint-integration when trunk is built.


On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 11:17 PM, Shinichiro Abe
<> wrote:
> Hi.
> I am using SharePoint 3.0(2007).
> Q1:
> If I don't setup MetaCarta.SharePoint.MCPermissionsService in dist/sharepoint-integration,
> What happens when crawling sharepoint sites?
> I can't get documents at all?
> Or I can get documents but can't get folder/file item security information?
> Do we need to deploy this web service extension in SharePoint 3.0?
> Q2:
> I saw this web service extension in connectors/sharepoint/webservice on MCF 0.3
>  but was removed on MCF trunk.
> Is it the same as the service in connectors/sharepoint/integration on MCF trunk?
> Do we need to build the service by placing Permissions.wsdl on MCF trunk?
> (readme.txt of wsdsl folders says that the file should be placed in TWO places.)
> Regards,
> Shinichiro Abe

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