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From Karl Wright <>
Subject MySQL support
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2012 17:13:03 GMT
Hi all,

We're getting quite a bit of use of ManifoldCF running on MySQL in
Japan lately.  The good news is that the latest release of MySQL (5.5)
has much better performance than older releases I have looked at -
MySQL on Ubuntu is second only to PostgreSQL on the standard
111111-document benchmark.  The bad news is:

- Nobody has spent any time trying to find the right syntax for
grouping so that all of the reports work as specified, and
- it is not clear if there will be a periodic re-indexing or analysis
needed on tables under MySQL or whether that's not a problem for this
particular database.

It seems clear that MySQL could become a recommended database if these
two questions were answered.  Does anyone on these lists have
sufficient MySQL experience to help answer them?


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