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From Michael Wilken <>
Subject Sharepoint connector - authentication failure
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2012 17:22:57 GMT
I'm running into authentication errors when trying to use ManifoldCF
trunk against a Sharepoint2010 site.

After creating a repository connection, I get the following message in
'Connection Status':
    Crawl user did not authenticate properly, or has insufficient
permissions to access (401)Unauthorized

The SP site is using NTLM for authentication.  I've verified that the
login info is correct: I can access the SP site via a web browser
using the credentials, and can make SOAP calls with the credentials
using soapUI.

I have not installed the MCPermission service, as we don't have to
worry about permissions at this time.  Looking at the code, I'd expect
to get a different error message if this was causing the problem.

Any suggestions for further debugging to see what's going wrong?


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