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From Erlend GarĂ¥sen <>
Subject Re: Hop count problem
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2013 14:19:42 GMT

I finally found the missing documents in simple history by going longer 
back in time. They were deleted from Solr in May which seem to indicate 
that they shouldn't be included for some reason I haven't found.

The scheduled date from "document status" seems odd as well:
01-01-1970 01:00:00.000

This date shows up for all the missing documents. Can this be the source 
of the problem?

I changed the log level for HttpClient to DEBUG just in case.  No 
network or other problems. The missing documents are not being fetched:

If MCF should try to refetch unavailable documents, we should expect to 
see entries about these hosts in the manifoldcf.log. The only entries 
are the two documents as I previously mentioned:

Thus there is no need to enter one document after another in the seed 
list. Well, I did, but without any help. The first links that appear on 
the main page and that I tried to include are:


On 8/12/13 2:21 PM, Karl Wright wrote:
> Hi Erlend,
> I suggest you start with the seed document.  Did that get fetched?
> Then, chase the path to the missing document.  Did those get fetched?
> Stop with the FIRST document that did not get fetched, and see if you
> can figure out why.
> Thanks,
> Karl
> On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 8:16 AM, Erlend GarĂ¥sen <
> <>> wrote:
>     On 8/12/13 1:31 PM, Karl Wright wrote:
>         Based on your report that the test environment works OK, and the
>         production environment does not, I expect there is something
>         like this
>         going on.  I know you attempted to fetch the intervening
>         document from
>         your test environment, but it is conceivable that the production
>         environment is unable to get it.  You should see evidence of
>         that in the
>         simple history, if so.
>     I have looked through the complete history regarding this host, and
>     none of the other documents have ever been fetched. The only thing I
>     can see is an illegal robots.txt file:
>     robots parse <>
>              HTML    0       1       Robots file contained HTML, skipped
>     I don't think this robots file has stopped MCF from crawling the
>     other documents since I can see this entry in the our test
>     environment as well. I even tried to disable robots.txt checks, but
>     the problems persist.
>     I forgot to mention that the hopcount mode is "Keep unreachable
>     documents, forever"
>     So, if I understand you correctly, there is no point of hacking the
>     database since MCF will try to refetch unreachable documents anyway.
>     I can of course enable HttpClient logging and check whether MCF
>     tries to fetch these resources at all.
>     Erlend

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