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From Muhammed Olgun <>
Subject Re: File System MCF API Service
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2013 11:28:46 GMT
Hi Karl,

Of course, here is my createFileSystemJob method

public String createFileSystemJob(String description,
            String repositoryConnectionName,
            String outputConnectionName,
            int priority,
            Long expirationInterval,
            Long rescanInterval,
            Long reseedInterval,
            Configuration outputSpecification)
            throws IOException, ManifoldCFException {
        Configuration documentSpecification = new Configuration();
        Configuration startPoint = new Configuration();
        addAttributeNode(documentSpecification, "chromedmode", "mode",
        addAttributeNode(documentSpecification, "feedtimeout", "value",
        addAttributeNode(documentSpecification, "startpoint", "path", "this
is path");
        addAttributeNode(documentSpecification, "startpoint", "include",
"this is include");

        return createContinuousJob(description,
                repositoryConnectionName, outputConnectionName,
                priority, expirationInterval, rescanInterval,
                documentSpecification, outputSpecification);

and my document_specification
JSON "document_specification":{"chromedmode":{"_attribute_mode":"none"},"feedtimeout":{"_attribute_value":"60"},"startpoint":[{"_attribute_path":"this
is path"},{"_attribute_include":"this is include"}]}}

bu my JSON should be


For instance there is no attribute tag on include and how to add the type
attribute to the include attribute with addAttributeNode method?

2013/8/19 Karl Wright <>

> Hi Muhammet,
> I haven't looked at the book example for a while.  Can you please include
> some code which demonstrates what you tried?  Otherwise it's not clear
> where the issue would be.
> Thanks!
> Karl
> On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 4:28 AM, Muhammed Olgun <>wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm working on file system operations with MCF API. I studied Programmatic
>> Operations<>page
and MCF's RSSMCFAPISupport class according to ManifoldCF book on
>> chapter 3 and I wrote a class which extends GenericMCFAPISupport.
>> I created the file system job but I couldn't add include and exclude
>> attributes. The problem is that I couldn't create a JSON which is mentioned
>> on Programmatic Operations<>
>> with provided methods like addAttributeNode or addParameterNode. Is there
>> any way to create File System Job JSON with these methods or can I make
>> request with my own JSON on MCF API Service? If yes, how can make my own
>> request on MCF API Service?
>> Best Regards.
>> Muhammet

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